Water filter refill set /w F088 AEL01 compatible filter + 1 liter granules Blue

Item number: 1011002

  • Complete refill set for fully automatic coffee machines with screw base filter like F088, TZ60003, TCZ6003, AEL 01 and others
  • Refill water filter, 1 liter / 33.8 fl.oz. Original ClearWater by japebi refill granules Blue (for tap- and well water), funnel and manual
  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly and inexpensive reusable concept

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Refill set for water filters compatible with screw base filter F088 AEL 01 TZ60003 TCZ6003

  • Tested and suitable for the following devices:

    AEG: CaFamosa CF80, CF81, CF85, CF90,CF95, CF120, CF300, C400, CF400, CF500, EA100
    Bosch: TCA6401, benvenuto B40, TCA6709 benvenuto B65, B20-TCA6001, B30-TCA6301, B60-TCA6701, B65-TCA6709 TCA5601, TCA5608, TCA5809, TCA6801 benvenuto B7
    Cocoon: 921-F92141
    Krups: suitable for all models
    Gaggenau: CM200110, CM20011001, CM20011002, CM20011003, CM20011004, CM20013002, CM20013003, CM20013004, CM20061001, CM20061002, CM20061003, CM20063002, CM20063003,
    CM21011004, CM21011005, CM21011006, CM21011007, CM21013004, CM21013005, CM21013006, CM21013007, CM21071003, CM21071004
    Melitta Caffeo: Gourmet, CI, Lattea, Bistro
    Neff: C7660N0
    Nivona: Cafe Romatica 855, 850, 845, 840, 831, 830, 777, 770, 767, 765, 757, 750, 745, 740, 730, 725, 720, 710, 650, 646, 635, 630, 626, 620, 610
    Siemens: Surpresso S20-TK600001, S40-TK64001 und TK64002, S45-TK64F09, S50-TK65001, S60-TK68001, S65-TK68009, S70-TK69001, S75-TK69009, Surpresso compact: TK52001, TK52002, TK529NL, TK52F09, TK54001, TK54F09, TK56001, TK56004, TK58001, TK589NL, TK68E?,     SN50: TK50N01

    Please check the compatibility with your device before ordering..

  • The set includes 1 refill water filter cartridge compatible to F088, TZ60003, TCZ6003 and AEL01, 1L / 33.8 fl.oz. Original ClearWater by japebi refill granules Blue for tap- and well water, 1 funnel and a manual
  • After 500 cups of coffee or at the latest after two months simply replace the granules according to instructions
  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly and inexpensive reusable concept
  • Permanently soft water for the best coffee aroma

Kind of filter: Refill
Shipping weight: 1,00 Kg

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